Eco-friendly Business Travel – Increase Sales and Save the Whales!

Eco-friendly Business Travel – Increase Sales and Save the Whales!

A current survey conducted through the Association of Corporate Travel Executives discovered that 79 percent of respondents see cost cutting like a top business travel concern, while only 17 % felt that promoting eco sustainable travel would be a main concern. This contrasts having a November 2007 survey where 29 percent from the respondents felt eco responsible travel would be a top issue.

Wow – eco responsible travel appears to possess taken a success within the last 18 several weeks. Gee – what’s altered between 2007 and 2009. Ok last one – duh – the economy has tanked, has not it?! So – concern for that atmosphere is trumped by concern to keep the doorways open – is it?

Well the truth is, you gotta do that which you gotta do. However for you sales managers lounging awake during the night sweating profits organization’s ever-expanding carbon footprint – have faith! There is something that you can do at this time which will eco-friendly your sales pressure -and surprisingly, assist you to increase sales along the way.

Recall the gas ‘crises’ from the 70’s and 80’s and, ok last one – last summer time was type of tough, wasn’t it? One thing people did to save fuel and combat skyrocketing costs ended up being to consolidate journeys. Instead of mind out and back several occasions to operate daily errands, they’d plan in advance and meet their objectives in a single trip rather of 2 or 3. The main goal here ended up being to save gas dollars – but among the side benefits was reduced eco-friendly-house emissions.

Smart companies are only for growing productivity. Consider all of the initiatives you’ve launched into through the years to assist your people achieve more a lot sooner. Well, consolidating journeys is really a program you are able to implement now to improve your sales travel productivity. Not simply will your people more prospects within the equivalent time, but they’ll expend less sources and – bonus – emit less pollutants in to the atmosphere.

Cost conscious managers who help their sales agents prepare yourself to maximize prospect calls on a holiday will reduce travel expenses, increase sales and assuage their pained enviro-consciences. You choose your rationale why maximizing travel productivity is essential – regardless of how your perception, it simply makes good business sense. No matter where you are well on the ecological spectrum – I believe many of us can agree that taking less ‘wasted’ journeys reduces travel costs, adds dollars for your main point here and helps make the world somewhat greener.

How do we strengthen your team plan the best sales travel? Let them know to buy an inexpensive laptop trip keeper. There are many versions offered by Microsoft, DeLorme, Garmin, ESRI and much more. Several packages they are under $40. You may also add a built-in Gps navigation receiver with a for less than $80 combined.