My Unique Musicians Artwork Does Map Faery Tale Adventures – Any excuses for Passion Part Two

My Unique Musicians Artwork Does Map Faery Tale Adventures – Any excuses for Passion Part Two

I really hope to determine you again

or possibly me

within this safe place

gentle zone I created with sand.

I have narrowed it lower a minimum of

made lists

still incomplete

yet I live here.

People move

pardon the mess

I’m going

I’ll be whole regardless of what i believe at this time.

Ahh the bloodstream stain

that you simply left out

you had been searching for an additional victim

then one sacred to cover

I bend to individuals conclusions

but still

even while

I paste bandages over my mouth.


my martyr

will we require an ambulance?

I’m still considering your voice

or someones

unique musicians artwork

yet I don’t hear individuals good intentions

regardless of how hard I listen.

They’ve been left through the wayside

that i’m now.

This voice

it states to operate.

All I’m able to have to say is…


You appear to determine my reflection

all over the place I am going

I actually do go.

This voice has rivers

it flows over

but freeze during the cold months.

Where’s winter?

My mate



my mate.

I’m baked into the moon

I didn’t admit into it before

but I’m.

The cloud that succumbs me

hides me within the shadows.

It is not about me or else you

no bell to chime.

Don’t rely on me

unique musicians artwork

or stupid rhymes in poems.

Nobody which i know can seem to be their breathing.

This type of bad predicament

I still do the repair.

No dollies here though

no hair to comb

no smudges patched


soul mates informs you to definitely fly



ABOUT Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

I paint and sculpt female fantasy art and map faery tale adventures. I imagine beautiful women on canvas and art of exotic women.

I’ve highlighted for Hay House Corporation.,”Ladies Who Do An Excessive Amount Of” CARDS obtained from Anne Wilson Schaef’s book. I additionally highlighted for Neil Davidson, who had been considered for that Pulitzer Prize in feature writing, and many other publications. My works of art are collected worldwide.

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